Company Portrait

FCE established in 2010 with founder’s experiences, dynamic and full productive in terms of tools and equipment. How is mentionin our slogan;
"Your work is our work, our power is your power..."
FCE abilty all kind of industrial process and production with the approach of this view.
FCE activity in industrial automation, electric and mechanic installation has a necessary experience with professional team.
FCE trough longe times active in industrial installation, assembly and disassembly sector, which are the leaders of their sector, in Turkey and other countries. Forthatis reason, FCE is capableof collaborate with your works, which can be in every country and every size, in theareas of industrial mechanic and electric setup with over fiftyemployees.
With software and electrical panel assembly team of FCE, we can also provide start-up for your process.

For more information you can contact to us.

Our Vision

In industrial automation, electric and mechanic installation and project designing, with acceptation the customer,
domestic and foreign, being FCE’s customers essential solution partner.

Our Mission

Produce solutions assets, under FCE’s customers projects needs, with in results that suitable that FCE’s
customers delight being unproblematic solution partner.

Our Targets

•Keep FCE customers from the difficulty of working with a large numbers of companies in different branches and answer all customers needs from one hand during the application of theprojects,
•In FCE sector’s, provide transfer innovations,
•Serving world classservices in the areas of industry in the all kinds of processexecution,
•Swiftly carry out FCE customers requests all about services area,
•Actualise solutions that reinforce our customer’s trustand delight,
•Being essential solution partner for our customers.

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